Bird Flu Redux

A number of years ago the H1N1 Bird Flu created a scenario where a potential epidemic could occur. This turned out to be “much ado without nothing.” Today, another strain of the Bird Flu, H7N9, found in China again has been authenticated as the cause of death in a 35-year old Chinese women. She died of kidney and respiratory failure. As with the H1N1 virus there is no vaccine available at this time to combat this new virus. The CDC () has been trying to isolate the virus so it can develop a viable vaccine and track the extent of the contamination. As of this writing the H7N9 has only  been found in five Chinese provinces.

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If you have followed this blog for the past few years you know the ability to avoid contact with various strains of harmful bacteria and viruses is very difficult. Exposure by contact is difficult to prevent but exposure by airborne pathogens can be significantly reduced and eliminated. The use of highly effective HEPA air filtration systems along with best ventilation and pressurization techniques can prevent the spread of these pathogens. Whether it is a commercial, institutional or residential  facility, with the proper equipment a little ventilation know-how, people can effectively isolate themselves from contraction of these deadly viruses.

The CDC, like all organizations that deal with pathogens, use HEPA filter systems in all of their material handling facilities. Most use redundant HEPA systems and the majority use ULPA or SULPA HEPA filters for maximum security against airborne virus contamination. HEPA filters have been used since 1941 and to-date, no other filter media has been developed that has the effectiveness and efficiency of HEPA media.

Pure Air Systems has been using commercial grade, certified, scanned HEPA filters since 1985 and today is one of the leaders in high volume, fan-powered, variable speed controlled HEPA air filtration devices. Used throughout the world, the HEPA systems from PAS meet and/or exceed the requirements for all commercial, medical, institutional, industrial and residential air filtration requirements. And, the same rugged, commercial grade design that was the basis for the units in 1985 is still used today. Newer ECM, variable speed drive motors and digital controllers have replaced the induction motors and analog switches that have enhanced the overall performance of the units and allowed for use in countries that use 220 volt, 50 Hz electrical current.

The amount of people on this planet coupled with the enormous growth in business, air pollution, climate change, and new wonder drugs have forced the viruses and bacteria to adapt to this new environment. As a result, new drug resistant strains of normally treatable bacterial and viral infections are now prevalent. This new H7N9 Bird Flu is just one more pathogen to deal with. In my previous post I discussed the MRSA problem and the fact that the medical industrial complex is having some real challenges in coming up with viable solutions for these new virulent strains. Maybe the Bible was correct when it said…”and the meek shall inherit the earth.”

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Chinese Want US Made Products

Made in China is a common mark stamped on thousands of items we purchase on a daily basis. Sometimes we do have a choice on whether to purchase the same item that is made here in the US, but more often than not, the Chinese label is our selection. There are a number of items, specifically consumer electronics, that are fabricated in China under strict control of US companies. Apple is one of them along with other major digital and electronic component manufacturers. We all know the reality of purchasing Chinese made goods….not very well made. So what do the Chinese think about purchasing products made in their own country?

Pure Air Systems has been making commercial grade HEPA and Carbon based, fan powered air filtration systems since 1985. Their systems are used by companies and individuals around the globe. In over 15,000 applications, the PAS units have proven themselves to be one of the best performing systems for removal and/or reduction of airborne contaminants. These units are used in the commercial, industrial, residential, institutional and medical markets and some are even used by the military.

One of the main challenges facing the Chinese people is the extremely poor air quality found in most of their major cities. The use of coal as a fuel for heating is one reason for the massive amount of particulate found in the air. The other source is automobiles. The Chinese are buying cars faster than any other country in the world and as their standard of living rises, so does the level of air pollution. This problem is now a major challenge for the Chinese government and local communities.

In the past week, a representative from a Chinese trading company visited Pure Air Systems at their home base in Indianapolis, Indiana to discuss buying some of the PAS portable HEPA units (HPS Series) and their 600HS series units for use by Chinese in their homes and offices. It seems there are a lot of wealthy Chinese who do not want to buy Chinese made products anymore since they usually don’t work well or last very long. They want products Made In The USA or Europe.

The Chinese Trading company told PAS that it was very important to have documentation sent along with each PAS product shipped to China that specifically insured that the components of the unit were either made in the USA or assembled in the USA and that the parts came from reliable, performance based manufacturers. Price, evidently, was not an issue. The PAS HEPA based product line was selected due to its longevity in the market place ( over 27 years old) and the ability to manufacture systems that could operate in a 220 volt, 50 Hz electrical environment. The fact that PAS already has numerous systems operating in the European and Asian markets also lent some credibility to the use of the PAS systems.

In the coming months the Chinese Trading company will be purchasing a number of PAS units for their initial use and testing in the polluted environments in the major Chinese cities. There will be follow-up blogs to keep you informed as to the progress made in this venture.

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